November 7, 2017

FINANCE, ETHICS AND MICROCREDIT course at Turin University starts

For the 10th year the post graduate master courses of Finance, Ethics and Microcredit and Economics and Ethics are taking place in Turin, Italy. A consolidate collaboration between Arbor, his partners and Unito departments of Economia e Statistica and Culture Politiche e Società.

The course of Finance, Ethics and Microcredit is designed to provide students with the basic instruments to understand the processes of financialisation of the economy that characterize the most recent developments of the global economy, the many dimensions of the current crisis and the distortions that have resulted. Against this background an overview of the ethical finance movement and of the micro-credit experiences will be then offered, at global, European and Italian levels. This will enable students to understand the reasons and the ways of the development of ethical finance and micro-credit, their specificity and their ways of operation, as well as to evaluate the results that they can achieve.

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The course of Economics and Ethics has the following main learning objectives: 1) to provide the student with the basic understanding of the main approaches within moral philosophy and their implications in order to understand and be able to critically discuss the main economic themes and problems involving relevant ethical dimentions. 2) to enable the student to use the main basic concepts of the different moral philosophical approaches, in particular in: 3) comparing their different general prescriptions, 4) compare their implications and proposals with respect to some relevant topics in the current debate (e.g. the different approaches to freedom and to well-being and to the environmental issues).

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